Posted February 25, 2014

Tour Pros Light Up Twitter During the Jason Day-Victor Dubuisson Match Play Final

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Golf fans weren’t the only ones on the edge of their couches during Sunday’s 23-hole Match Play final between Jason Day and Victor Dubuisson. Tour pros were enjoying the drama too, and offering some intelligent analysis to rival CBS Sports analyst Nick Faldo. Here’s the best of their Match Play commentary on social media:


Faldo is very likalble... not... the only worse thing that will (most likely) happen is Garcia in box commenting... that will be a day when I turn off the sound a play some nice music instead... love David Feherty tho - should get more air time


Great story out of no where with Dubuisson. I had no idea he was ranked 31st in the world. He definitely made a lot of new fans with those two up and downs in the playoff. Thanks for sharing all those great tweets.

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